Archive Sale Kiko Sakiori Patch

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We visited the silk mills in Kyoto Japan - they used to make kimonos for Samurai and their wives. All of sudden Samurai era was ended, these factories had no options but close. They have kept the highest quality of silks in very careful condition, and we decided to take some and combine our modern kimono. 

We hand-torn the fabrics, and then collaborated with All Roads Studio in Joshua Tree to create the hand woven rug-like fabrics. We cut them into our pieces to create this special Kimono. 

- Elasticated waist: can be worn at waist or hip
- Cropped length
- Side seam pockets

Fabric Notes

100% Cotton imported from Japan

Machine wash gentle cycle / Hand wash / Tumble dry low

Made in USA

*Final Sale. Not subject to return or exchange. 

Color: Birchwood with Ukigumo

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