Well Traveled Haori Coat



One size fits all.  

Haro is 5'9"


Please note that this product is made out of the found fabric through Yuka's travel / back packing in India. Any imperfection is part of the product. 

It was made who knows when, and has traveled all the way to afganistan, Kerala, Bengal, or anywhere else, after many things happened to these fabrics, finally came to me. It was originally made as a blanket, someone patched to reinforce it, for colder weather, and someone made some sashiko embroidery to make it prettier, and washed, faded in times, and have traveled with nomadic people and lives. I was very much fascinated by the beauty and the story, and bought one or two, but they were just sitting in my closet for a long time. For 19SS, finally I decided to offer one of a kind special jackets through atelier delphine. I go travel again to find these, and will combine with our haori fabrics to make them here in LA. All aesthetics will be up to us. The picture shows as much details as it is on the actual product but  there are damages / defects. Please understand and consider before purchasing it. It is not high delicate product, it is pretty strong. But it needs a home for a real love. 


Cotton 100% 


Made in USA with the imported fabric from Japan and India.